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Chess player, Tax advisor, interested in maths, economics…so how duller can I be? I started this blog at the very end of 2012 just to see if I enjoyed writing it, and not for any other purpose.

  1. I like it bro!

  2. fazersilencio permalink

    Good stuff! Congratulations.

  3. Ben Aoufa permalink

    I enjoy your blog very much..especially the Chess section. Great stuff!! keep’em coming.

  4. Matthew Hodgson permalink

    Unbelievably entertaining – well recommended by Mr Mark Smith!

  5. Thank you for coming back to Lady Barn, it was much appreciated and highly entertaining. I hope you don’t mind, I used some of your comments in a website article featuring you! If you have a clearer pic of yourself playing chess please forward and I will up date.

    Great to see you again.

    Kind regards

    Mr Slade

  6. bestchesssetsblog permalink

    Mr Breadsworth, is there a way to reach you by email or some other means?

  7. trying to comment but my comments not showing up…

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