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My longest game of chess

January 10, 2013

…and one of my most memorable ones.

Earlier this week, I met a potential client, Grant, who, prior to the meeting, had googled me. So his first question, was not about Deloitte or tax but…did you ever meet Fischer or Spassky? (No to both, but in July 2012, Jane and I visited Bobby Fischer’s grave, in Stelfoss, near Reykjavik, Iceland).

We then had the meeting, and at the end, Grant asked me ‘what was my longest game of chess’. My reply at the time was that it was my 9th December 2010 simultaneous game vs Victor Korchnoi on which I blogged previously. Since then, I have wanted to find out about a particular game which has been in my mind for years, the time I won by playing …Nh8, knight into the corner, the one and only time I have done this.

One of my clients, Morton Speyer, happens to be a lifelong friend; 10+ years older than me, he was my lucky charm in my teenage (prime) years when I was one of the England juniors. I don’t believe I ever lost when Morton watched, and would go as far as to say I always won, sometimes in style. Morton and I were chatting some years back when I asked him if he remembered the game in which I played Nh8 or Nh1- I couldn’t remember which colour I was- but he didn’t, and I then looked in vain at the 1978 Chorley Invitational tournament in which I thought I had played the game. At that time, I was puzzled, but until Grant asked me the question, I hadn’t bothered to look further,

Tonight, and thanks to chessbase, I have found the game. It was indeed played in Chorley- I knew it was-but three years earlier, on 25 August 1975, when I was just 13. I had been playing chess for about three years then, but was already quite strong; and my win, against Stewart Fishburne, put me in equal first place before the last round, in which, alas, I lost.

Through the magic of Chessbase11, with a very few clicks, I have now published the game.

In addition below is the end position: simply looking at it, gives me immense pleasure, recalling my longest ever competitive game, 37 years ago, with Morton watching.

Nh8 Fishburne-Beardsworth


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  1. Stewart Fishburne permalink

    It’s funny what you find on the web when, in a slow evening in, you google your own name followed by chess. Which is what I did….

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