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Morra Mayhem

May 6, 2013

I think I have mentioned before in one of my blogs William Hartston's witticism that chess is a net contributor to human unhappiness, because the pain of defeat is far greater than the thrill of victory.

Perhaps so in classical chess, but not, I think, in blitz, but this probably belies the fact that blitz is almost entirely worthless (Jane, please don't read this blog). My opening of choice as white in blitz is the Sicilian, against which I throw my d and c pawns forward…the Morra. It is a fairly rubbishy opening, but that is part of its appeal. If Black declines, either with 3…d5 or 3…Nf6, then he is a coward; and if black accepts and wins, which he often does, well, then it is the Morra's fault, not mine; and if I win, great!

Fairly often, even better, the win can be quite stylish…even if often unsound. Then, there is a net contribution to human happiness, or is there?

A nice, if undeserved, smothered mate.


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