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The island of Meis

August 2, 2013

Yesterday, we went to the Greek island of Meis, or Kastellorizo, also known as Megisti…but let's call it Meis, the Turkish name for it.

We love Meis. It is a lovely day trip. A little bit of Greece for a day.

For our family of five, we spend typically around €300 on the day: so if you are coming to stay at Sundown from the UK or other none eurozone currency, consider bringing some € with you: otherwise, you can get euros from ATMs in Kas.


There is one boat, the Meis ferry, each day. It leaves Kas harbour at 10am, and leaves Meis at 4pm, so you will be back in Kas by around 4.45pm, but must hang around until around 5.30pm to pick up your passports.

Best to go to the sales office, on the harbour, the day or night before, with your passports, and with € in cash. If you like bartering, as I do, ask how much it is per person, the answer being €25, then tell him how many are in your party, if it is a good number-in our case five- and ask him if he will give a discount- I get all ours for €100, with no trouble. You might be able to do better: he knows that you can buy Meis ferry tickets throughout cash, so he probably gives the other agents commission, so you need to be prepared to walk away, or pretend to be half interested…basic negotiation.

Anyway, they will keep your passports overnight and you will get them back on the boat, since there is passport control when you land in Meis. The advantage of handing in overnight is that you only need to be a the sales office for 9.45am; if you book on the day, you have to be there for 9am, which would be a real challenge for our family.


The day out

We love all aspects of the day out. The crossing is lovely: long enough to be a trip, short enough not to be tedious.

When you arrive, consider getting a water taxi (speed boat) to the blue cave. We were advised by Cuneyt to go straight after arrival in Meis, because by mid afternoon the waters can be too choppy to permit entry to the cave. If we were staying overnight or longer in Meis, I would actually like to test my theory that the water is bluest when the sun is at its highest, say noon to mid afternoon: but for a day trip, go as soon as you can. This will probably mean you are in the cave by 2pm, and it is well worth a visit. We did the trip last year without our daughter Alice, who was on a school trip, but this year we went back to the cave partly for her, partly because we wanted to see it again. And I hope to go next year, too.



On the return journey, we ask the speedboat captain to drop us off at Saint George, a small islet: this is 'standard' for day-trippers. A lovely place to sun bathe and swim; then, after a couple of hours, by prior arrangement the captain comes back for us, takes us back to the main island for lunch.

Shame on us, but in two visits we haven't felt the energy or desire to climb up to the castle ruins. A drink at one of the numerous cafes is a preferred way for us to spend the final while on Meis.


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