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Cordingley puzzle 125 #chess

August 3, 2013

White to play and win








Not one of the harder ones, provided you see the main idea. In fact,when I checked the winning line with Houdini, most sensible white tries win eventually. For instance, the rook lift Re4-f4 is terminal; I liked the fct that Qe3-Qc5+ or Qa3+ b4 Qe3 Qc5+ also win, the nice point being ..d6 ed+ Kf6 Qg5 is mate. But sac-ing the queen on c6 is what you want to play.

The move I wanted to play, since 1 Bg5 is too boring, was 1 Qc6+, but, alas, it is not good enough. Black has just sufficient resources to squeeze out, and then he is winning. So the solution is 1 Bg5 Kf8 2 Qc6+! And now the Rd8 is LPDO.



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