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Haggling, Kas style

August 13, 2013

Jane and I have just been shopping for display plates to dress our new villa in Kas. (The house doesn't need them, but I have learnt by bitter experience it is pointless arguing on such domestic matters).

Instead, when you can't beat it, her, accept your fate: so we have learnt the approach of Jane choosing what she wants, then leaving the shop, so I can haggle. If Jane were to haggle, then the price will only go up (yes, that can happen: she will agree to buy more in order to get some slight per item reduction).

Today, I had a particularly successful negotiation: a price agreed for the plates we she wanted, and then a negotiation about cash or credit card, and could he throw in a beautiful backgammon set as well [ I have one client, just one client, born in this region of the world, who haggles in this way: we agree a fee, them he renegotiates it: so why can't I learn from him?]. Surprisingly, it wasn't too tough to get an agreement: the shop owner loves backgammon and when I told him I did too, he accepted a sizeable price adjustment if I were to have a game with him. He offered us glasses of Turkish tea, and battle began.

This blog doesn't have a happy ending: Ismail was lucky with the dice….as with chess, a backgammon player always needs excuses when he loses.

In fact, this blog does have a happy ending: Ismail invited me to always call in when again in Kas for tea and backgammon. I will make sure Jane isn't with me next time. And today, all three of us were happy: Jane got her plates without her husband moaning, he got his backgammon set, and Ismail got a lucky victory.


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