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Non vestra sed vos

September 30, 2013

Yesterday was an important day for our family. We took our elder daughter Alice to Durham Universtiy to start her undergraduate course. A recent article on the BBC website about freshers' arrival day rang true: and particularly poignant is that the day marks the end of childhood.

Fortunately the sun was shining, roads were decent, the organisation of access and unloading very efficient so the day went very smoothly. And we left Alice to finish her unpacking in a lovely room, prime position central in college and overlooking the cathedral.

I don't know how I feel today: but I think of her all the time, with a mixture of happiness that she has gone to a great and lovely university and sadness that she her room is now empty.

The heading of this blog is the motto of St Chad's: its translation is 'not yours, but you'. It means that the college aims to care not where the student is from, what their means are, but what is inside them. Happily there is a lot within Alice, and I look forward to her flourishing over the next three years.


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