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Hunny bunnies

October 10, 2013

I have never written about hunny bunnies before; in fact, never thought of them before. But as of today, as of reading the Daily Telegraph today, I think there might be more to life than tax.

My eye was drawn to this article in today's paper.

I have never seen Loaded magazine, but think its content is less cerebral than Taxation or Chess. I doubt I would like it, but when I saw its owner was a Paul Baxendale-Walker I thought 'I know that name'. A Paul Baxendale-Walker was a prominent solicitor (and it appears, a barrister) ten or twenty years ago, specialising, according to my recollection, in planning concerning remuneration and trusts. His firm continues to exist, and he has a Wikipedia entry.

(I wish businesses who use chess in their marketing would pay the English Chess Federation something – it badly needs funding)

If you read Paul's summary on their web page you will see his is former barrister and solicitor, though from Wikipedia he still practices tax. When I was reading the article, and wondering 'could it really be the same person' I recalled that he had appeared, I think on Panorama many years ago, with a pipe. Nothing is hidden on the Internet and sure enough here he is:

The caption is from the google images search.



If I were told that a former prominent tax solicitor owned Loaded magazine and was in Court being sued by a former honey bunny, well, would I have believed it? No, I wouldn't, but 'tis true.


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