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Cordingley puzzle 217 #chess

November 4, 2013

White to play and win





Two moves come immediately to mind: 1 Re8 and 1 f6+. Both win.

The move I preferred was 1 Re8! which wins the Ra8 after Qf6, or the N after 1…Qe8 2 Qg5+ Ng6 though in fact, because black is threatening Qe2+ and Qg2 mate, white instead of taking the N plays 3 f6+! Kg8 4 Rh8+! Kh8[] 5 Qh6+ and Qg7 mate.

However, since 1 Re8 Qf6 2 Ra8 isn't an immediate finish, and since on too many occasions during this Cordingley daily programme I have found a good move, but missed a better one, I also looked at 1 f6+ Kg6 [] when I found 2 Re5!!. If the rook is taken then 3 Ne5+ Re5[] 4 Rh6 is mate, so 2…Qf6 is forced, when 3 Rh6+ wins the queen and the house.

In the game. Chigorin found another way to win, 2 Rh7!!: same idea, just a slightly different execution.

A nice puzzle: not too hard, but also not trivial.


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