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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 7

December 31, 2013

Black to play and win


(Need to calculate a few lines in, not just the first move)


M Serfontein v P Samak, Roodeport 1974




A somewhat more interesting problem: actually, a bit of an exercise, but not too hard. 1. Qg3+! is obvious, and after 2 fg[] Nh3+![] – only move, since 2…Rg1+, the move I first looked at loses after 3 Kh1[] Bd5 4 Rf4 (or 4 Be4) 4…Re2+ 5 Be4 Be4+ 6 Re4 Re1+ 7 Re1 1-0. But after 2…Nh3+ 3 Kh1[] then 3…Rdc2! ends the game: 3…Rdc2 is not too hard to see since 3…Bd5+? is met by Be4, and then black can't double on the second rank, because the Na3 covers c2: so Rdc2 is a straightforward decoy.


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