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Almost everything you would want from a holiday

January 2, 2014

As our family holiday to Maafushivaru, Maldives, draws to a close, time for a reflection.


It has been a taste of paradise, as my holiday to-do (#) list shows:


It's my blog, and I can lie if I want to, can't I? All the above are true, but some are more true than others. For 'sunbathe' read 'as little as possible': 'enough to keep Jane happy/tolerant': fortunately daughter #1 and to a lesser extent daughter #2 like to lie and roast, so I can sit in the shade most of the time. For swim, read 'of a fashion' because alas, I totally lack confidence, and the littlest thing freaks me out. I know it is stupid, but I can't get into the right state of mind about deep water.

For lose to son at table tennis read be thrashed, be humiliated. Alas, the time when I could beat him are now a long distant memory.

For play someone at chess read the only disappointment- but a trivial one. The bar has a couple of sets, which are quite well used by other families and couples, but not la famille Beardsworth.

Reading is always a pleasure for me on holiday. From reading news and business stuff, like the Telegraph (in far greater depth than my daily skim read when set home), the Economist (ditto)) to websites about the economy and taxation in the Maldives (I know, I know how to enjoy myself)) but my two favourite reads have been Andrew Marr's book on drawing (see my iPad sketch below) and Chris Hadfield's 'An Astronaut's guide to life on Earth'. Reading the latter was thoroughly enjoyable.


One final admission of a lie: I have played 2.4 games of chess here: online, on ICC. (Sorry, Frederic and my friends at Chessbase, I couldn't get on the Internet connection here is poor at best; on the one time I got a half decent signal I managed to get onto ICC and played the said 2.4 games).

Why 2.4? Well, the first game I lost when 90%+ on my way to victory, when I lost connection, and my opponent didn't do the decent thing and courtesy adjourn, like he should have. (His last move, Nde5, was a stupid blunder and spoiled what was turning into an interesting game. My opening choice of 3 Be3 is a hit tip to Wolfgang Heidenfeld, whose book I have enjoyed here, and who played this line against the French). This was my first game under the Maldivian flag.(see the flag next to my name)

My second game was an uninteresting win as black; my third and last game was courtesy adjourned (thank you)) by my opponent when the lag became too long and was spoiling the game: my etiquette in such cases is not to look at the position until the game restarts, which it will the next time we are both on ICC at the same time; but my position was dominant, strong advantage. So 0.9+1+0.6=2.4 games played.


So probably I can tick off each item as 'completed'. I certainly can tick off the last item.


Lonubo, near Maafushivaru


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