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The shape of stories

March 24, 2014

I wonder if young people can appreciate how wonderful it is to be alive today? I am often thrilled and amazed as to what is available today which wasn't available say twenty years ago, or wasn't available in my childhood.

Thanks to following Tim Harford (@TimHarford) on Twitter {Tim is certainly in my top three people I follow on Twitter, and his tweets have given me hours of interest and pleasure} I recently came across Kurt Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories- as Tim says, 4 minuted of brilliance- (If the link doesn't work, search in YouTube)


Listening to it, it took me back 30+ years! during which time I have kept the clipping below on the eight plots of fiction.

Kurt's graphical exposition brings a mathematical representation to these plots, and, of course, this is part of its appeal to me.

The Shape of Ghost


If I were writing my list of my top ten films, then the 1990 romantic thriller starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore would be high on the list: it is one of 'our' films, one which was out at the time Jane and I were gong out together.

Whilst I have an appalling memory for many things (most useful, normal things, I can't remember), I also have an unusually good memory for irrelevant things (tax cases, tax legislation, chess games, characters, lines and plot in Ghost). Below is my plot of the story of Ghost, in which Demi plays Molly Jensen with Patrick playing Sam Wheat.


Of course, no reference to Ghost would be complete without the potter's wheel scene:



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