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When Harry met Cressida

March 27, 2014

This recent article caught by eye: I wonder when will be the last time I see a picture of Lady Di? (I suspect it will be a long, long time, and that the emotions of her loss will always be with me and people of my generation)

Diana Cressida


It has recently been found that Prince Happy is a distant cousin of his current girlfriend Cressida Bonas. I am glad that my eye was drawn to Di and Cressida, since otherwise I wouldn't have known of the recent release on (a site I hadn't heard of) of eleven million Tithe Records.

I 'did' my family tree around three years ago; for a period, it was an all encompassing pastime; and a highly enjoyable and interesting one, with one of the best things about it being the conversations I had with my dad and with my late mother's brother which I otherwise wouldn't have had. Those conversations were priceless to me. It has also succeeded in doing what school never did, namely given me an interest in history.

Once the tree has been 'done', it became a case of very occasional maintenance. Then, for some reason on my son's last birthday I chose to look at the tree again, and bingo! new sources had been made available online (mainly a lot of parish records in Lancashire) which meant that I could easily extend my tree back further. Within half an hour or so I had extended the Beardsworth line back one hundred and fifty or more years back, to 1615; and made other improvements to the tree.

I now plan to look at the Genealogist site and see if it unearths anything new. For the moment, there are no links to royalty, so no invite for me should Harry wed Cressida.


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