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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 106

April 9, 2014

White to play and win


(There'll be more to say about this puzzle- see my next blog, but for the moment, look at this one carefully)



I Glenn v AA Ponelis 1969




Not too hard today, at least if you know, as we do, that it is a problem with a solution. In a game it would be natural to simply move Q-somewhere, but knowing it is a problem, sacrificing with 1 fg! is a move that has to be thought of.

A Purdy player would examine fg anyway: examine all biffs, or ignoring threats, being two of his mantras.


So, 1 fg! gf[] 2 Rf8+ Rf8[] 3 Rf8+ Kf8[] 4 gh and the pawn queens. Black has just one spite check.


As noted above, though, there is more to say about this puzzle….


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