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Time wasters: some YouTube videos

April 12, 2014

It's the annual Bookbinder family weekend at our house, where Jane's three brothers and their families descend on our house: one of our nicest weekends of the year, since we all get on so well.

It is also normally the one football match I watch each year, since the Bookbinder males are avid soccer fans; and I don't want to appear too unmanly by not watching it. (Though truth be told, and between you and me, I spend most of the match (i) reading the newspaper; (ii) using my iPad; (iii) resting since the Bookbinder DNA includes a late night drinking gene. I should also add that the thing which most attracted Jane to me was my total disinterest in sport in general and soccer in particular: her mother had also been, in modern parlance, a 24/7 sports watching fan.

From time to time I look back at YouTube videos which appeal to me: mostly those which have home viral.

Here are a few that I can remember, starting with a very recent one. The links work at the time of posting this blog.


Vicar signs Hallejulah at wedding


Charlie bit me!

My god daughter and her sister and brother singing and dancing to Singing in the Rain, at our cottage in Rosthwaite, Borrowdale. Particularly apt since the neighbouring hamlet is the wettest inhabited place in Britain, and Rosthwaite can't fall far short.


Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie's Space Oddity from the International Space Station.


Cinnamon challenge: really weird.


Dog eats bacon, or doesn't eat bacon.


President Obama plays basketball.


Ella Henderson X Factor Cher: do you believe in love. My favourite X Factor moment.

Paul Potts first audition.

How animals eat their food.

Little Becky rings the demolition company wanting to blow up her school.


And finally, since Arsenal and Wigan are now 1-1 in extra time, this football penalty.


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