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A fine tactical finish #chess

May 19, 2014

I haven't been following the current Siegman tournament until I saw this article on Chessbase that Axel Smith was leading it. Axel is an IM who wrote the excellent Pump up your rating published by Quality Chess. One of those rare, really well written instructional books where you feel the author really wants to help his readers improve their chess.

So, delighted for Axel, I logged onto Playchess to see how he had fared today, to see that he went down in flames against Nils Grandelius, one of the players he profiled in Pump up.

Up until now, this QGD game had remained more or less level, both players following their typical strategies. I have annotated the game in the file attached at the end of this blog. White here played the losing move 1 Ke2?? whereas 1 Ke1 holds, but the reasons are far from obvious, and the defence after 1 Ke1 is perilous.

Black played 1…Qf5! and the first point is revealed. With the king on e2, white can't retreat his Q to e2 or f1. (in fact, white's last move before the first diagram was Qe2-c4?! taking the Q away from the defence.

White is forced to play 2 Nd1 when the next point is revealed: 2…Ne5!! winning the exchange, with white's best being to retreat the Q.

White though took the knight, to be met by the rocket 3…h3!!

Instead, 3…Qg4+ is strong, but 3…h3 is a beautiful device, threatening either to promote the pawn, or instead decisively weakening the h5-d1 diagonal and in particular giving black control of f3. White tried to randomise with 4 e6! met with the continuation of beauty with the move 4…hg!! 5 ed Rd7! and white's king is in a mating net. Very cool, beautiful play by Grandelius. White played a couple of more moves, before resigning.



My annotations are here in a repayable game file, generated by Chessbase12. A pity for Axel, but a great finish by Nils.


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