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Is accountancy really so boring?

June 7, 2014

Some people will really go to great lengths to try to prove that accountancy isn't boring. (I should say that I have had, and continue to have, a totally fulfilling career in this profession, with boredom never have been a problem in thirty years). In terms of lengths, two take the biscuit, one old, one new.

The present award winner for desperate measures to make accountants not boring is 'Mad Mike Hoare' who is a mercenary: his Wikipedia entry (see the link) is fun to read.

Throughout his military career he meticulously paid his Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales dues, making it impossible for the ICAEW to exclude him, since he had done nothing wrong in terms of accountancy qualifications. When, though, he was imprisoned, the Council found sufficient cause to expel him for conduct unbecoming of an accountant. As my 19 year old daughter says, 'true dat'.

Now, there is a potential rival to Mad Mike. Sarah Johnson, a 30 year old accountant, is hoping to be in the group of people who maybe in 2025 will leave Earth to colonise Mars.

It is, as she says, one way to try to dispel rumours that accountants are dull: but what if her fellow colonists decide her role is colony bookkeeper?

Mars accountant


Our house is at present in examination stress with son doing Finals and daughter #2 GCSEs; and there are times when a parent wants to escape. Fortunately, five days a week work provides that escape, but on second thoughts, if in 2025 I went to Mars, might I have the chance to be planetary chess champion? Now that's a thought….

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