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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 170

June 11, 2014

White to play and win




W Berson v G Pearson 1985




There are more or less only three moves to consider: 1 Rb1, which is hopeless after 1…c3; 1 e8(Q) which similarly loses, throwing away white's key asset, and 1 Rc4!. The Rc8 is tied to defending e8, though 1…Rc4 does need looking at: 2 e8(Q)+ Kg7[] 3 Qe1 and reorganises.

Black has two other defences: 1…Re8, when 2 Rb1 followed by Rc2 and if necessary Nd3 wins the advanced pawn, and it is game over; and 1..b1(Q) when 2 Rc8+ Kg7[] 3 Rf1 and white ends up a rook up.



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