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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 215

July 26, 2014

White to play and win



AA Ponelis v N Woodward 1973




Examine all biffs again, and after not seeing anything special with taking on d5, 1 Rf7! is a natural try, noting that if the queen is taken, there is 2 Rf8 discovered check, double check, mate.

So, all black can do is try and hold on with 1…Nc5:

However, white simply exchanges rooks, and takes on d5, and if nothing else, the LPDO Rb8 wil drop off (with Nb3 being met with a Rf1+ zwischenschach). (In fact, Stockfish tells me to take on h7 rather than d5, with mate in 8, but taking on d5 and biffing the LPDO Nc5 and threatening the LPDO Rb6 is more human).


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