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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 233

August 13, 2014

Black to play and win: or draw?

GTD Jones v JJ Leicher 1978





I found this really difficult. In a game, with the clock ticking down, I would have played as in the game, Qf2+_Qg1+_Qf2+ and draw by perpetual.

Whilst I saw 1…Nd6! I didn't realise how good it was, and this was one of the few problems in this book where I had to get the pieces out, and think it through as if it were a game.

Eventually, I cracked it, or at least got enough for a pass grade. I didn't get all the following lines: the position is an engine's dream, if engines dream.

2 Rd6

2…Ra2! 3 Qf3! Rf2! is very picturesque.

This was as far as I got, noting that if white played 4 Rb6, hoping to collect enough booty, then, alas, after Rf3+ the next move is Qb6, 0-1.

However, 4 Rd2! is more interesting. Black's queen is in a bit of a net itself, and whilst the engine says 4…Rf3+ is good for black! it actually prefers 4…Rd2! 5 Nd2 Qe1+ 6 Kg4 Qd2.

This is one if those positions where the engine's assssmenr of clearly winning is at variance with my human assessment- yes, I can see black is better, but plenty of room to mess up.

2 Ra7

2…Ne4+ 3 Kf3[] when I thought 3..Ra7 was enough for an advantage, and it is, but the engine (and Reitstein) shows that 3…Nd2+! is even stronger.

The point is that if 4 Nd2? the knight's control of e3 is lost, so that 4…Qe3+ 5 Kg4[] Qf4 mate; so the king must retreat 4 Ke2[] Qg2+ 5 Kd1 Qf1+ 6 Kd2

Black takes the c3 pawn with check, then takes the bishop, and is winning.


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