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How to choose a client: a thought

September 18, 2014

Whatever your business, but particularly in professional services, there is a marriage needed of doing the right work for the right clients.


But how to choose?


There are formal methods: by industry, by geography, by technical need. All have their place.


But there is space for a different one, which, I am so glad to say, fortune has granted me many times over my career, and perhaps particularly so over the last decade. Working for clients whom you like, and I wonderful reminder of this came to mind this week when driving to work:

Graffiti seen on wall on Hall Road, Fallowfield


I am sure the artist was thinking of deeper, and more important things than how professionals should choose clients (and vice versa) and I dare say that tax professionals would be thought of as being part of the £ part of the equation, but I think amongst many other factors, it is no bad question for an advisor to ask himself 'how much does he like the client' and 'is it only for the fees'.

As I look at the picture, I count myself fortunate that I have many clients where the equation applies.


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