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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 30

September 19, 2014

White to play and win


Black has just played Rde8


HE Price v J Jacobson 1974





Not too hard, because the main win is 'standard', and there is an alternative more prosaic win.

1 Qe8+! Ne8[] 2 d7 is a standard double attack, and the pawn promotes.


The more prosaic win is to take on f6, noting the oawn's promotion can't be stopped. 2 Bf6 Re6 3 Bg7+ Kg7 4 d7

When I entered the problem into Stockfish in order to print the diagrams, in this position it suggested 4…Rc5!, a very resourceful defence. It means that white must play a QvR ending after 5 d8(Q) Rd5 6 Qd5: the position, but the players might not be finished in time for last orders.


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