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My chess sets: my first ever set

December 28, 2014

This is an occasional series of postings inspired by a brief discussion on the flight home from Turkey this summer. The flight attendant saw I was reading a chess book (quelle surprise) and, just making polite small talk, said she also liked playing chess, saying that depending on whether other crew members played, she would play on stopovers.

Later in the flight she asked me if I had a chess set at home…and that set me thinking. How many chess sets do I have? And since then number is, well, shall we say, quite high, I thought I would blog about them especially those which 'mean something to me'.


Where better to start this series than with my first set?

Since I started playing chess in the build up to the 1972 Fischer Spassky match, this set would have been bought in 1971, when I was nine.
I used to play with the pieces with a cheap green and white plastic roll up board, which, to my recollection, never unrolled fully, later replaced with a black and white cardboard board: in preparing this series of blogs I have not come across either, but hope I will do so one day.
The pieces have a nice, heavy, feel to them. They are nice to handle; neither I nor my parents (neither of whom played chess) knew that the Staunton design where de riguer: I would have time a plenty to but Staunton sets in the years to come.
Feeling about the set
You never forget the first time….and nor will I ever forget this set. It will always have a fond place in my heart.
10/10: one never to part with.


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