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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 107

December 29, 2014

White to play and win



D Morschel v P Kroon 1963-64


This puzzle took me one standard British unit of time, namely the time it takes to brew and drink a cup of tea, to solve. At first I couldn't see how to break through.

1 Kh2! frees the Rf2. If it is captured, 1…Qf2, then 2 Qf8+! Kf8[] 3 d8(Q) mate. If 1…e3 (say) then 2 Rf7! Rf7 3 d8(Q)+ wins. Finally, if 1…Qd5 (as played) then 2 Qf6 and there is no perpetual: 2…Qh5+ 3 Kg1 Qd1+ 4 Rd1 and there are no more checks.


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