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My chess sets: Filofax chess

January 4, 2015

This is an occasional series of postings inspired by a brief discussion on the flight home from Turkey this summer. The flight attendant saw I was reading a chess book (quelle surprise) and, just making polite small talk, said she also liked playing chess, saying that depending on whether other crew members played, she would play on stopovers. Later in the flight she asked me if I had a chess set at home…and that set me thinking. How many chess sets do I have? And since then number is, well, shall we say, quite high, I thought I would blog about them especially those which 'mean something to me'.

In the 1980s, I had a Filofax. Me along with millions of others. I can't now remember for how many years I used it, but I do remember having a regular sized one, in red leather, and another larger desk one, which I used at work, and just like with mobile phones, there was various paraphernalia I bought along the way, such has Filofax hole punches, Fliofax rulers, tough here with all sorts of page inserts. (Memo to budding entrepreneurs: if there is a new technology, don't rush into it: instead go into supporting products or services. It worked for mining, railways, airplanes, mobile phones; and will work again and again. Most railway pioneers went bust; most airlines have gone bust; not everyone struck gold…but the sellers of spades, liquor and accommodation to miners made a good living). So did Filofax peripheral suppliers, from me).
I used this a fair bit, and the square tiles had a nice feeling to them; the magnetism was firm, so the set was reassuring to play with.
6/10: it so from my childhood/early adulthood, but the feelings aren't as strong. Perhaps this is partly because in those years my interest in chess had waned somewhat, or, more accurately, had started to be crowded out by starting my working, adult, life.

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