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My chess sets: the set my father made me

January 4, 2015

This is an occasional series of postings inspired by a brief discussion on the flight home from Turkey this summer. The flight attendant saw I was reading a chess book (quelle surprise) and, just making polite small talk, said she also liked playing chess, saying that depending on whether other crew members played, she would play on stopovers. Later in the flight she asked me if I had a chess set at home…and that set me thinking. How many chess sets do I have? And since then number is, well, shall we say, quite high, I thought I would blog about them especially those which 'mean something to me'.



My father made this pocket set for me, from a cardboard box, with plywood. I don't know where he got the board from. Dad will have made it in 1971, when the chess bug got me, as the World was building up to Fischer-Spassky.

I knew nothing of how Bobby had got to the final: that he has beaten the West's no 2 player, the Dane Bent Larsen 6-0, nor that he had also beaten another challenger Mark Taimanov by the same 6-0 score (for which Taimanov was punished on his return home: all I knew was that America wanted Fischer to play the Russian Spassky in Reykjavik – all very exciting for an eleven year old boy.


Feeling about the set

Not that strong, because whilst dad made me, I don't recall using it much, since when I wanted to have the big pieces out, I used my first set, and soon I owned the wooden pocket set which became my constant companion.


4/10, but only because dad made it.




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