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An interesting endgame (or two) from Hastings

January 5, 2015

I am enjoying occasionally peeking at the daily games at Hastings. ‘Peeking’ because time doesn’t permit to spend too much time watching them. But such a venerable English tournament deserves showing some interest.

Two days ago, I logged in when Englishman Peter Sowray (2365) was playing the Israeli GM Maxim Rodshtein, and white (Peter) has just played the very sensible move f3, giving luft to his king and taking a pair of pawns off.

Could he draw? It would be a success for Peter to hold a super GM to a draw.

Alas, it was not to be, and in the end black showed considerable skill and took the full point. Intrigued, I have looked at the game (more strictly, the ending, in some detail) and my conclusions are attached:

The first link is to the game file itself, the second to the Chessbase cloud database: both created using the one click function in Chessbase13.

My conclusion: earlier, he could have drawn: defending the above position was a near impossible task.

Luck in chess

Yesterday, I also glanced at Peter’s game. He had a tough fight, in which both players thought hard, but th last thirty or so moves, it was only white who was playing for two results, and the best Peter could hope for was a draw, until:

82 Kb4?? and the LPDO Qd4 drops off.

Another fine game from yesterday (4/1/15) was Keith Arkell’s superb endgame win against Maxim Rodshtein. He was able to turn this advantageous position into a win. One to study sometime.




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