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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 121

January 12, 2015

Black to play

White has just played 1 Ke1-e2



D Morschel v K Whyld 1974



1…Ne5! (examine all biffs) and if the N is taken, then 2…Be5 forks both LPDO knights, and white's last move has prevented them from defending one another.

Reitstein says that black has won a pawn, and has the better game. This isn't correct: white retains an advantage after 3 Raf1 hitting the f5 pawn. If black defends it, 3…e6?, then he loses after 4 Bb6! and 5 Rf3- the crafty rook manoeuvre both hits the f5 pawn and prepares this tictac. So, after 3 Raf1, black must take one of the knights, and white captures on f5, and is a pawn up with the better position.




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  1. stewart permalink

    aren’t[awns level at the end – and only AFTER W captures the loose h5 pawn?

    • Yes, Stewart: and in fact, if you read the heading for this particular puzzle, and my comments, you will see the puzzle is poor- black is not winning, and in fact white is to be preferred.

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