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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 139

January 30, 2015

Black to play: how should he defend?

(Not worth spending much time on: somewhat flawed; I have posted a separate item, refining the position somewhat, and it is worth understanding this position, then looking at my next posting.

White plays the Greek sacrifice here:



D Friedgood v A Snoek 1961


The easiest move to reject is 1…Kh8?, which does nothing: 2 Qh5 and it all over.

Reitstein prefers 1…Kf8, but both this and the game continuation 1…Kh7 are losing. I actually chose 1…Kh7, as did the player in the game.

1…Kf8 2 Qh5 Bd5 and rather than Reitstein's 3 Bg6 (which is still better for white after 3…Ng6 4 Qd5) better is 3 Rcd1. There is then a tictac 3…Be6?? 4 Be5, so black should play 3…Bc4, when 4 Be4 and white is better- Stockfish says +3.

1..Kh7 2 Qh5+ Kg8[] 3 Be5 and white is better. If 3…Re5, 4 Qf7+ and 5 Qb7. If 3…Bd5, 4 Bg7 Kg7 5 Qd5. If 3…f6, 4 Bf6 gf 5 Qg6+, 6 Qh6+, 7 Rf6 1-0.




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