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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 159

February 19, 2015

White to play and win

(A tough exercise)



A Haller v CC de Villiers 1971




1 Nh5! and if 1…gh 2 Qh5 ef 3 f6 regains at least one piece, with black's kingside ripped open, and both pieces about to be regained, for instance after 3…Bf6 4 Qh6+ and 5 Rf6.

Or, 1…ed 2 Ng7 Kg7 3 f6+ Kh7[] 4 Qd2 Ng8[] 5 Qg5 threatening 6 Qh4+.

I wouldn't be too suprised if other first moves also won (I have not had access to an engine to check this particular problem) but 1 Nh5! is a natural line opening line. I spent a lot of time on 1 f6! too, thinking it very strong, with a similar aim of displacing the protection of the Nh6 so that white can play the Qd2-g5-h4 manoueuvre. In fact, 1 f6 is more to my taste- I am fairly cowardly, and don't find it easy to sacrifice into unclear or indefinite positions.




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