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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 162

February 22, 2015

White to play and win


D Friedgood v A Savinson 1966




White’s king is very exposed, so urgent action is called for. Examine all biffs becomes examine all checks, and only 1 Rf7+! makes sense, after which 1…Kf7[] is forced. Then 2 Qd7+ and black's king can go to three squares.


2…Kf8 or 2…Kg8 permit a human player (by which I mean an engine might find something more precise) to simply regain the sacrificed material, with 3 Qd8+ hitting the Nh4, and if 3…Kf7? 4 Nd6+ Kg7 5 Qe7+ (that line can be continued if necessary- 5…Kg8 6 Qf7 mate, 5…Kg6 6 Qf6+ Kh5[] 7 Rh4 mate), or if 3…Kg7 4 Qe7+, protects the queen before next playing R*h4, when black's exposed king can't survive.

So 2…Kg6 when a similar pursuit happens. 3 Qe6+ Kg7 4 Qe7+ is as above, picking up the horsey before continuing with checks. 3…Kh5?? 4 Qg4 mate, and also 3…Kg5?? 4 Qg4 mate.

Having written the above, I turned on the engine, and it prefers (in the sense +12 cf +6) the even stronger 2 Nd6+!, which is also what Friedgood played. There is a nice mate in the principal line:





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