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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle #166

February 26, 2015

White to play and win

Black has just played Rf8-d8.

H Leicher v D Macfarlane 1980




A nice variant of problems based on back rank motifs. 1 Rc8! and if 1…Bc8 2 Rc8 Qb6 3 Qd8+!

There are minor lines, such as 1…Rg8 2 Rg8+ and 3 Qe8+.

However, there is more: instead of 2..Qb6??, black can continue the game by moving a pawn, to give luft to his king. In the game, black played 2…h5, and Reitstein just says it is a won queen and pawn ending, which it probably is. Better I think is 2…g6 and after 3 Rd8+ Bd8 4 Qd8+ Kg7 5 Qa5 Qb2 6. Qe1 we reach the following position:


An equivalent position is reached if 2…h5: however, in the above diagram, maybe black can play f5, and eventual open up the white king so that black can check and check and check. I suspect Carlsen would win as white, I have no idea if he could draw as black.




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