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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 174

March 6, 2015

Black to play and win



JJ Steenkamp v KT Solomon 1997




1…Rf1+ is the natural move to try, when 2 Kf1 is forced (2 Rf1?? Qg2 mate) reaching a position which I can't fully calculate- the type of positions which are just to hard for me to see entirely, though clearly in a game such precision is not needed: 2…Bc4+ is natural, when 3 Re2 is forced (3 Ke1?? Qc1 mate; 3 Kg1?? Qc1+ and mate) after which black can simplify to a winning ending with 3…Qf4+.

This is the line that in practice I would play, and of course black ends a piece up.


An engine would though flash the mate: 2…Qc1+ 3 Ke2 Bc4+ 4 Kf3[]

4…Qd1+! 5 Ke4 Qb1+! (the key move, aiming for f5) etc.



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