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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 195

March 27, 2015

White to play and win



L Bouah v D Gluckman 2005




After yesterday's poor puzzle, today's is more interesting. Particularly for me, since I often get in positions with type of structure, playing 3 Nc3 4 Nf3 5 Be2 against the Pirc; and at 3 min blitz, it is often easy for white's slightlest or advantages to fizzle away.

Not here: tactics come to the rescue, and once you see 1 Nh5+, the rest is easy. There are two ways to see it: Purdy's examine all biffs or his concept of jump-biffs, here Rd6-h6, so that the Pg6 is pinned.

So, 1…Kh7 or 1…Kg8, 2 Nf6+ Kg7

and here I wonder if my technique has improved over the years by watching all today's elite players, because rather than Reitstein's solution of Ne8+ and g3, which of course wins, but eases the pressure, I instantly thought of the meaner 3 h5, seeking to fix the pawns on the king side, locking black's bishop in after 3…g5.

The Re8 isn't going anywhere, and the mean, sly, h5 shows black the helplessness of his position. If instead black permits hg hg, then he has to watch out for Rd7 Bd7 Rd7 at some stage, pinning the Q and K- adding a tactical nuance to the position.



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