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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 197

March 29, 2015

Black to play and win


J Tsalicolgou v AN Rubinsztein 1975




I got this one wrong, but only in the sense of choosing a -8 move when Stockfish (and black in the game) found a -11 one.

Firstly, mine: 1…Re4! 2 Rd2 Rd2

When Black's position is over-powering. If for instance 3 Qf3 then 3…Rf2+ and either the queen falls to a discovered check if Qe4, or if the rook is captured, at the end of the exchanges the LPDOS Bb2 drops off.

However, 1…Rc1+ scores even higher, and after 2 Bc1 (2 Rc1 Be2 and black wins a piece, with the LPDOS Bb2 dropping off) Qd1+ and mates. In the game, black played 2…Qe2? and drew- strange that he missed Qd1+ having found Rc1+.



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