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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 213

April 14, 2015

Black to play and win

A Van der Heever v W Berson 1985




Almost by a process of elimination ( e.g. 1…Bb3 2 cb Qa1+ -+ fails to 2 Qb3 and black's attack is spent) one gets to (gets to= examine all biffs) 1..Rc2! which is easily seen to be playable- a no risk line, since after 2 Rc2[] Bb3 black at least gets his exchange back, and will be at least a pawn up. In fact, after 3 Nd4 Bc2+ black is simply winning.

Or, here, if 3 Nc1 then 3…Bc2+ 4 Qc2[] Rc2 5 Na2 Rb2 is a winning simplication.


Finally, Stockfish slightly prefers 1…Qb2: black is simply winning with either move.




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