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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 218

April 19, 2015

Black to play and win

C Vakis v L Holzhausen 1996




A rest day today. 1…Bc3+! is a simple deflection of the queen. If the bishop is captured, then the f pawn promotes. If instead 2 Kd1 then 2…Bb4 places the bishop on the perfect square, and it is then just a matter of time before the ending is won. (e.g. if 3 d6, then 3…ed, bring the pawn to d3, K round to h3 and g2 0-1)

(After 2 Kd1, 2…Kd3 is just as good: the Pe7 can't be taken, since then 3…f2. But I think Bb4 is more elegant/cruel).



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