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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 220

April 21, 2015

White to play and win


P Matale v Y Sutil 2005




A fairly routine piece of calculation is required here. 1 Rh6+! is a must-try biff. If the rook is captured, it is mate in two: 1…Kh6 2 Qh1+ Kg5 3 Qh4 mate. So 1…Kg8[] when 2 Ng6 threatens 3 Rh8 mate. If 2…Rh7, white captures and then plays 4 Ne7dis+, when the attack continues unabated. So 2..Rg6 3 Rg6+ Kh7 (3…Kf8 4 Qf5+; 3…Kh8 4 Be5+) 4 Rg5+ and mates.

For what it is worth, Stockfish hovers between 2 Ng6 and 2 Qh1, both of which it assesses as +14: silicon speak for 'even a human could win this'.



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