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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 222

April 23, 2015

White to play and win

Black played 1…Be4 2 Be4 Re4: then what?

R Morschel v R Hadar 1987




Straightforward today. Noting that the black king is in a net (using CJS Purdy language) the Rb8 is tied (again, CJSP language) to the back rank, so that the Pb7 is LPDO, and 3 Rb7! wins it and then the Ba7.

But by a similar token, the Re4 and Pf7 are LPDOs, and 3 Qf3! hits both. If then 3…Qg6 then 4 h5 is game over, and if 3…f5 4 Qf5 repeats the threat. 4…Qg6 is then not possible because of 5 Rg7+.




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