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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 230

May 1, 2015

Black to play and win



R Van Tonder v Z Milosevic 2004




Another rest day (in fact, in the next ten days to the last puzzle, most of them are a stroll).

1…Rf3! is a natural biff (it was the second I tried, after 1…Re2+, which is not as good since 2 Be2 Bd5+ 3 Bf3) but reversing the move order by first 1..Rf3 wins. If 2 Kf3 then 2…Bd5 mate (pretty) and if 2 Re7 hitting the LPDO Be7 then many moves win, such as 2…Rf2+ and 3…Re2; though Stockfish tells me 2…Bd5 is mate in 6. It is in fact quite nice to see: 3 Re7 Rd3+ followed by Rd1 if the king moves to the first rank, or Nf2 mate if it moves to h3.



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