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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 232

May 3, 2015

White to play and win

D Morschel v HJ Beckett 1974


Stockfish tells me that 1 Qg4 is very good- the king can run but it cannot hide (1…Kf8 2 Bg7+ Ke8 3 Qh5 Bg7 4 Rg7 Nf6 5 Qh8+ Ke7[] 6 Rag1 and now we see the machine's sense of humour, since 7 Rg7+! Kf7 8 Rg7mate is threatened).

However, 1 Rg7+! is an obvious biff to try, and far more human, especially when you see that the defence (after 1…Bg7 2 Rg1) 2…f6 is met with 3 d6+ winning the queen.

Black has a few minor defences such as 1…Kh8, all easily met (that move by 2 Rag1).



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