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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 239

May 10, 2015

Black plays either 1…Kd8; or 1…Kc6: how does win against both?

A 'good' exercise: would also be a good exercise to decide, if you were playing black, how would you defend, to make white's task most difficult?

Good if it were correct, but it isn't! Having spent a lot of time, and finding good lines, I looked at the solution, one of which lines included Bc2-a4+. Oh dear, the B is on c2. So could use this as an exercise under both bishop placements.


D Friedgood v K Van der Meyer 1966





With the B on c2, 1 Ref1: the threat of Rf8+ can only be met by 1…Ke8, when 2 Rc7+ starts to mop up. With the B on b2, 1 Ref1 is less strong: 1…Ng6 defends, but 1…Qh7! is stronger activating the queen, and Stockfish's assessment is +0.6, which means to me the position is just unclear. And instead of Ref1, there is not much better, perhaps 1 Bc3, but it is still unclear.




With the B on c2, Re8! is pretty. The Q can't move to h7 (the Bc2 looks at it) so 1…Qe8[] when 2 Bc4+ skewers.

With the B on b2, again it is less clear: 1 Ree7 and the position is a mess.



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  1. Itsmine permalink

    good 1 !!

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