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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle

May 12, 2015

Black to play

Source: Chess Today, CT5189


Now that I have finished the second book of Leonard Reitstein's South African puzzles , for the next few days I will post random puzzles, mainly those which I struggled with or enjoyed, from a variety of sources, including some from my own games. When ready, I will choose another puzzle book to continue with.

Today's puzzle is from the daily chess newsletter run by Alex Baburin, to which I have long subscribed, and long enjoyed. It is a pity that in 2015 there seem to be publication difficulties…at one stage earlier this year it was weeks behind schedule, and presently it often comes out daily, but not always. I hope Alex and his team surmount whatever difficulties they have, since Chess Today has a place in the chess world.




1…Kg3 is the first try, partly to defend the Ph4, partly with a back rank mate threat. But 2 Rg5+ Kf4[] 3 Rg4+ and 4 Rh4 is 1-0; similarly 1…Rb1+ 2 Kh2 tucks the white king away snugly so that 3 Rh4+ follows.

But 1…Rb4! 2 Rh4+ Kg3 3 Rb4 is stalemate; and 2 Kh2 Ke3 protects the pawn, and is a theoretical draw; and 2Kf2 Rb2+ is a repetition.



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