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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle

May 16, 2015

Black to play and win

NN v allanbeard, Playchess




As a child, we all want to be world champions; then we realise that isn’t going to be possible; so GMs; so IMs; so….just win some games or the occasional tournaments. Now that I am retired from my work of the last thirty years, the ambitions are to win some blitz games, and I have also started playing in the Playchess Wednesday afternoon 3min+2sec blitz tournaments.

The above position is the best tactic (and relatively easy) from the 175th Playchess tournament, which I managed to win. Most of my games were pretty routine, decided either by a simple blunder or my more typical positional pressure approach.


1….Rg2! is fairly easy to see; and after 2 Rg2 Qh3+ 3 Rh2 Qf3 mate.


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  1. Lolz Girl permalink

    Hello !😆 You probably don’t remember me , but I met you at Deloitte Fun day (my mum works there)Unfortunately , I can’t make it this year 😢😪😭😔 but I really enjoyed it and will DEFINITELY come next year .I love getting your posts,even though I can’t work them out,but my dad talks me through the ones he can do .Despite not knowing where this email will end I just thought I may as well. Tilly Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx😊

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