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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle

May 23, 2015

White to play and win

Pavdidis v Koksal, Kavala 2013



This puzzle isn't from Teschner's book, but was one seen in Malcolm Pein's Daily Telegraph column. When, as here, I find a problem which appeal to me, I will sometimes use it, publishing from Teschner the next day.

Today's problem is a beauty.

Too hard for me to solve on inspection, I tore the position out, and took it on my daily dog walk: the dog got good exercise today, until I had the eureka moment. At first, I got stuck on trying to make 1 Ra8 work, it taking me a long while to see that black has the easy zwischenschach 1…Rc1+! And then I looked at 1 Re8 Re8 2 Qc7?, again thinking I was clever for a while, until I saw the zwischenschach 2…Re1+!; and then, despairing, 2 de(N)+!! came to me.



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