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The Borrowdale Yews

May 24, 2015

Bank holiday weekend in the Lakes, sun is shining, what could be nicer? Not much, really, this really is one of my favourite places on Earth.

Some months back, I watched a Ray Mears programme on Borrowdale, and found it fascinating. Of course, part of the fascination was working out 'where is he now' but also he taught me several things about our area that I didn't know.

Key amongst them was the existence of the Borrowdale Yews. We have had a cottage in this valley for many years now, never knowing of the existence of these special trees. I had to go to find them.


The view up from the river bank


Googling gave some indication, but not a very clear one. So, if others want to find them: turn right at Seathwaite Farm, taking the footpath which starts in the archway between the farm's barns. Cross the river bridge, then turn right, and keep low down, near the river bank, for five to ten minutes. Then, look up, not too far, until a fenced off cluster of trees is seen: these are the Borrowdale Yews, with a green plaque to mark their significance.


They are said to be sixteen hundred years ago, 500AD. A very special to visit.



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