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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle

May 31, 2015

White to play and win

A challenging puzzle today, one well worth solving.


Shirov v Sjuurigov, Russian Teams 2015

Position seen in Malcolm Pein's Daily Telegraph column




A break from Teschner; a lovely puzzle, with, for me, an unusual piece placement. The problem took me half a dog walk to solve…so I would rate it is 'very difficult'.

Examine all biffs and reviewing for pins, nets and ties leads to the realisation that the solution must be something to do with the two black rooks being tied to defending each other, so 1 Rc8+! has to be tried. When you realise that the simple 1…Rc8? loses, routinely, to 2 Qc8+ Kg7 3 Qc7+ with a double attack, picking up the now LPDO Rc8, the task becomes 'how to break 1…Kg7’ (or Kh7). I should also mention that 1…Bd8+ loses simply to 2 Rd8+.


Eventually the solution dawned on me: 2 Qa7+! forces a rook to intervene, else 3 Rb8 wins a rook, but then 3 Rc7+! is the unusual point of the combination. Whether or not black takes the rook, both of his rooks are lost. An unusual finale, worth remembering.



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