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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 23

June 17, 2015

White to play and win


Ardoino v Dekeyser, Italy-Belgium corres 1961-2




Teschner's book gives the rubric 'white stops the diversionary action in a problem-like manner'. I am not sure if that is a clue or not; or, if it is for the right problem.

The position has multiple solutions. White's position is overwhelming. The principal aim is to move the black queen from c6 to anywhere else, since from c6 it controls e8, preventing Qe8 mate. So 1 Ne5! springs to mind, as does 1 Nd4!; the former has the benefit of being more powerful, threatening 2 Ng6 mate; and if 1…fe, then the Rf1-f7 jump check becomes a real check, and mate.

In addition (1 Ne5 being +30, 1 Nd4 +16, whatever these scores mean) 1 Rc8 is also +12, since 1…Qd7 falls to 2 Qg7+ Kd6[] 3 Rd1+ skewering.


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