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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 27

June 21, 2015

White to play and win

Konci v Golombek, Varna Olympiad 1962



I will always have a soft spot for Harry Golombek, the author of my first chess book, The Game of Chess, which I read so many times that the pages fell from its binding (but which I restored last year, since I treasure the book).

Here, the denouement is fairly straightforward, but it also gives me utterly convincing proof that Stockfish isn't human. It fails the Turing test because it plays 1 Rh3 Bf8 2 Rh6+ 1-0 whereas every human on the planet would play 2 Qh6+ (or, in truth, some would reverse the move order and play 1 Qh6+!!- that would be my preferred move order.

Note the engine suggestion: Rh6- no humour




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