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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 28

June 22, 2015

White to play and win


Padevsky v Belkadi, Varna Olympiad 1962




Slightly 'disappointing', this one.

I spent a lot of time, unsuccessfully, as it turned out- and correctly- trying to make 1 Rg6+ work. But it doesn't, with white only having the better part of equality after 1…Kg6[] 2 Rg1+ Kh6[] (2…Kf7?? 3 Bh5 mate) 3 Qf3 Qe8[] (3…Be8?? 4 Qg3! mating- the black rook can't move to g8) 4 e6 Bc6[] (4…Bc8?? 5 Qg3 mates for the same reason). So, Black has a narrow path, but not a hard path to keep the game alive.

Eventually I settled on 1 Rg2, following the principle 'do not hurry' with the intention of a slow build up, using the space advantage. When checking, Stockfish gives this +4; the app gives my second preference, 1 e6, slightly less, +3.8, which means they both win comfortably.

Stockfish gives 'only' +2.4 to the move played in the game, 1 Ne4. Black isn't forced to take the N, and he can if he wish grovel with 1…Qe6, taking queens off if white exchanges twice on d6. Of course he is lost, but white has the alternative more controlled way of winning.

If (after 1 Ne4) Black takes the N, then 2 Rg6+ now works better, since if the K moves back to h6, f5 comes with check. So 2..Bg4 3 Qe4+ and so on.




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